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   The Computerized Headache Assessment Tool - III (CHAT-III) is designed as a tool to help patients with stable headache patterns receive an accurate headache diagnosis. The output of CHAT-III should be reviewed by medical personnel, and should never be relied upon without medical confirmation.

  CHAT–III uses branching logic, much like a physician would, to ask questions based on the answers given to previous questions. It is important to answer each question as accurately as possible.

  Information entered into this survey is being stored in a database in order to evaluate and improve the accuracy of the program. No information is kept that can identify the individual taking the survey.

  The diagnosis and treatment of any medical condition can only be performed by qualified medical personnel. CHAT-III should never substitute for medical care. A small number of headaches have serious underlying causes. Headaches that may be of particular concern include headaches which are new or started recently, have changed from a previous pattern, are poorly controlled, or occur every day.

Users of this program are advised to seek medical care. All users agree that use of this content is at their own risk.

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